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Below are a few different FAQ's that could help you

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To import demo content, exactly like the one displayed on our website, just head over to your admin panel and follow these instructions: Appearance < Theme Options < Demo Importer, from there you can import the demo content by clicking the “import” button.

To edit the front end of your website, start by finding the page you would like to edit under “Pages” in the wordpress dashboard. Then just click the button with the word elementor on it, you will then be take to a front end editor on which you can edit your sites frontend.

To edit your slider revolution slider, first click on the slider rev plugin and click the button that says “Import Slider” then select the zip file “Home” under the folder “Slider Rev – Demos”. It will then import.

if demo importer isn’t showing under theme options, you will need to head over to “Appearances < install plugins < petify demo importer” then the tab should appear under theme options.

Yes, we intend on including lots of demos for different kinds of businesses to use, to attract new customers to your website and get more business.

To change the dimensions of your logo you need to start by 1. heading over to < Appearance < Theme Options < Header, then on their at the bottom of the page will be logo width and height. All you do from their is change it to whatever size you like.